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As part of a move to fund President Joe Biden’s trillion dollar program, Democrats have proposed imposing a Billionaire Income Tax (BIT).

In other words, the taxes incurred by the billionaires will finance the project.

What is a billionaire tax?

Billionaires ‘Income Tax (BIT) will tax billionaires’ unsold assets like stocks, affecting some of the country’s richest people, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and CEO of Tesla Elon musk.

Musk, whose net worth is $ 287 billion, tweeted his objection.

In response to a tweet containing a sample letter to Congress, Musk said, “They run out of other people’s money and then come looking for you.”

If approved, the measure “would impose a tax on unrealized capital gains on the average investor,” the letter added.

According to Bloomberg, Musk’s net wealth increased by $ 117 billion in just one year.

Opponents say it is illegal, onerous, and unfairly punishes those who have supported America’s economic progress.

In an era of growing wealth disparity in the United States, advocates argue it would help ensure billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.

How does a billionaire tax work?

It makes it easy for wealthier Americans to increase their net worth by millions of dollars without selling stocks.

Wyden offers an annual tax on profits or losses whether or not billionaires sell stocks.

“Right now, assets are worth more at the end of the year if you make a profit from them. Unless it gets sold, ”Howard Gleckman of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center told ABC News.

Amounts worth trillions of dollars are not taxed, says Gleckman. “This is why the rich got richer,” he noted.

Capital gains tax and interest penalties on non-marketable assets such as real estate or business interests, which the Wyden office compares to deferred tax.

When you value the item annually and defer tax until the sale, Wyden calls the interest charge a “amount of deferred recovery. “

The interest rate would be 1.22%, which is the current federal short-term rate plus one percentage point.

To ease the transition, the proposal declares up to $ 1 billion in traded shares non-tradable. For the first time, billionaires can choose to pay taxes over five years.

You can read the 107-page tax proposal here.

Gleckman sees valuation challenges for private non-tradable assets coming if a huge asset loses value and says it’s a loss for billionaires.

“The 30,000-foot level is attractive but difficult to manage,” said Gleckman.

“It’s not a wealth tax, but it presents some of the same administrative challenges,” he said.

Is the billionaire tax legal?

Competitions for capital gains taxes can be taken to court, with opponents citing constitutional issues.

A new financial gain is taxed only when it is realized or sold, not as long as it is maintained.

In 1920, taxes were only imposed on stock dividends when they were converted or sold.

Working-class and middle-class Americans benefit from this definition of income because 401 (k) taxes are not collected until after they have been collected.

New tax ok according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“We won’t be promoting something we don’t believe in,” Psaki said when asked about the tax’s legitimacy.

President Obama is on board. He will work to ensure that the richest Americans pay their fair share.

As a result, Wyden told ABC News that “entire sections of the tax code are incorrect.”

It is unthinkable to offer billions of tax incentives to the richest people in the world at a time when many Americans are doubting the Supreme Court.

As billionaires and Democrats continue to debate whether the BIT is a way forward for the economy, we’re here for the juicy details.

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