Safety margin or error? Pricing power is key

By J. Keith Buchanan, CFA, portfolio manager – GLOBALT Investments

Supply chain disruptions. Escalating energy costs. Rising labor costs. Rising interest rates. If you were listening to an economist describe their recent analysis or a business management team perusing their company’s recent performance or future prospects, one or more of the aforementioned developments will likely enter the conversation. In isolation, each of these developments would cause consternation among American businesses. However, when they occur simultaneously, this single event can only mean one thing: the cost of doing business is increasing at a rate that the markets have not seen for most of a generation.

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Profit margin, or an entity’s income minus expenses, is a general indication of a company’s profitability. How much of every dollar earned does a business have to spend to earn the next dollar? It is the essence of the financial success of businesses, industries and economies. Overall, the profit margin encompasses many facets of the costs and competitive pressures faced by the businesses included. The chart below shows that the operating profit margins of the S&P 500 Index have broken recent records. Periods of recession are usually associated with squeezing margins, as corporate revenues decline faster than they can reduce expenses. However, the recent expansion of margins beyond pre-pandemic highs has been dramatic and helps justify historic levels of prices for stocks and other risky assets. Businesses have never been as profitable as they are today. Investors are willing to pay more for a business (all other things being equal) if and when they generate more income compared to expenses.

Source: Bloomberg Finance LP

Sudden and widespread cost inflation can pose a threat to these historically high corporate margins and profits, and hence investor appetite for exposure to affected companies. There is a balm, however. There is a surefire way to weather the storm of uncontrollable input costs and other costly developments in income acquisition. Raising the prices of goods and services faster than cost inflation has the effect of preserving the profitability of the business.

Can all businesses and industries exhibit this kind of pricing power at the same time? Of course not. Without a doubt, there will be winners and losers on the way to a more stable cost environment. However, we believe that the market, as the ultimate judge, will favor companies that demonstrate they have enough pricing power to stay ahead of rising costs, as uncertainty persists as to the duration of this new cost environment.

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