Ohio Businesses Online For An Easier Income Tax Filing Process Ohio

(The Center Square) – Filing municipal business income taxes could get a little easier if a bill passed unanimously by the Ohio General Assembly gets Gov. Mike DeWine’s signature.

State Representative Bill Roemer R-Richfield said Bill 228 reduce unnecessary state and municipal red tape for Ohio businesses and streamline the tax filing process.

“The way we currently file municipal net income taxes in Ohio places an unnecessary burden on business owners,” Roemer said. “The last thing businesses need is another hoop to go through. This bill streamlines the filing process so business owners can get back to creating jobs and contributing to their communities. I am very pleased that the House and Senate have unanimously agreed to send this bill to Governor DeWine. “

Currently, an Ohio business must report its profits and file taxes with every municipality in which it operates, leaving the responsibility to the business owner. The bill requires the Ohio Department of Taxation to develop and maintain a web portal to which businesses can submit information, and for state and municipalities to collect taxes.

This, according to Roemer, would reduce administrative costs for businesses. Roemer also said the Tax Department already has a web portal and the bill will ensure its preservation.

The bill also allows flow-through entities to deduct certain pension benefit payments for municipal income tax purposes, which the Ohio Legislative Services Commission says would reduce tax revenues for some communities. The amount of the loss is uncertain, according to OLSC.

The legislation also removes the 0.5% administration fee that the state imposes on municipalities to collect and then send tax revenues to communities. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled last year that the charges were unconstitutional.

The bill has received support from the Ohio Society of CPAs and the Ohio Municipal League.

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